Dear friends!

Let us invite you to participate in summer aikido festival on the Black sea shoe, in Crimea. The fourth summer aikido festival runs from July 16th to July 29th 2007. It is headed by Evgeniy Grigorievich Shimanovich, Candidate of Medical Science, 3 Dan Yoshinkan aikido.

Participant’s accommodation: Hostel in a legendary Sevastopol city.
Location: 300 meters from the sea shoe, in the city boundaries, lonely place near the ancient Hersones ruins.
Apartments: 2-, 4-place apartments with partial facilities.
Nutrition: three meals a day.
Cost: 450 rubles a day for apartment and meal.




There is a sports complex 500 meters far from hostel with two dojoes, where the training on tatami take place. Training costs — 1500 rubles, and 1000 rubles for Russian Student Aikido Federation members.

All persons who love martial arts and all comers are invited!
Families: parents with their kids are expected also.

Train and have a rest with us All requests are expected by the following phone number
E-mail: Phone: (007-812).592-12-06..