Shimbukan club

Our club’s title («Shimbukan») was assumed and written by one of the Aikido Eshinkan founders, 10th dan holder sensei Terada Kiyoyuki. It translation from Japanese, Shimbukan means genuine budo (genuine martial art). Budo — is a valour’s warrior path.

These words were written by Aikido’s founder, O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba:

«First of all, you absorb the Creator’s heart in your own. This is the Great Love. There is no contradiction in love. Love has no enemies. A contradictious mind that accepts enemies existence, doesn’t conform with God’s will. Those, which doesn’t understand, can’t be in harmony with the God. His budo demolishes and creates nothing.

You’re wrong, if you think that budo practice, means having lots of opponents and enemies cut down. True budo has no opponents or enemies. True budo consist in being one with the Centre of the Universe.

True budo — is the love’s labour. A labour of giving life to all creatures, not murdering or fighting with each-other. Love protects every living thing. Nothing could exist without it. Aikido is an accomplishment of love…

Aikido’s spirit is the spirit of amorous attack and calm reconciliation. With this aim, we bind and unite opponents with love’s will. And we can cleanse the others with love.

True budo — is a loving defence of all creatures in a spirit of reconciliation.

Reconcile — to permit one in accomplishing his mission.

Aikido improves your mind, and is not for improving the others’. That is Aikido’s mission, and it must become yours.

The aim of Aikido study is self-improvement.

Physical changes in one’s body, inevitable brings psychological and emotional changes. Pupil’s self-appraisal rises. Noticing, how his physical abilities improve, one feels more confidence in his strength, in ability to succeed in life. He start’s to believe in himself, that applies not only for Aikido, but for all scopes of human activity.

Aikido lessons teach to feel a partner as yourself, only then situation is predictable and attacker’s energy could be used. Pupils’ intuition and empathy is advanced.

Each training attack — is a little stress. Simulating stressful situations, aikidokas are learning to face a danger calmly and relaxed, yet precisely and energetically.

This is valuable, especially for youth. On aikido lessons young people get positive experience of surmounting obstacles and handling conflict situations diplomatically. With their own experience, they will feel and understand that desperate situations do not exist. They’ll treat the changes as a challenge and will learn using aikido principles for solving arising problems. This is an aikido usage in day-to-day life or adherence of aikido Path outside of dojo.

Practicing aikido, children and adult learn to use the energy or the force that is directed against them, redirect it against the aggressor himself.

Beside physical coachings, the mental trainings for intellectual development are necessary.

First of all, spiritual aikido is a self-victory, a victory over own weaknesses and deficiencies. It’s a purification process from an anger, a jealousy, an envy, an irritation, a greediness, a treason, an egoism, a cowardice, a smugness, laziness, cruelty, aggression and slavery.

The first necessary thing is perception of our imperfection. It’s not as easy as it looks like. After all, our vices could be caused by forgotten negative experience, gained it this or previous lives and buried deep in subconsciousness.

A travel in own inner life is essential. Exploration of the Universe and self-development with absolute spiritual laws.

Man comes in this world and receives his first painful lashes (prohibitions, fist losses, stresses) in a childhood. In response to pain the muscles are contracting and a child begins to cry. He’s told that crying is bad, that he has to smile. This kind of upbringing lasts for many years.

As a result, when one grows up, one looks like a flacky pie. The primary layer is a mask on a face, the second one under it — is a pain and a suffer from stresses and cramped muscles.

And a godlike love in the heart. So, there is a way to reach the love, tearing off the mask and let the pain out. That’s terrifying.

Modern researches have shown that psychological problems could be connected with pregnancy and childbirth. That is how the child was treated when he was in mother’s abdomen and how (with or without complications) lying-in had passed.

If one wants to improve himself, one has to realize (remember) and workup these problems. Then, as S. Freud had accurately noticed, spiritual abscesses are opened. Internal relaxation is achieved and a great amount of psychological energy is released.

The workup of this life’s problems is the first level of spiritual aikido.

Love and Death, they’re often standing close. Death — is a part of our life and it’s result. How Don Juan said: «It’s always behind our left shoulder and anytime could say: «It is time, fellow.»». Everything we do, is done in front of the death’s face. It could be last act of your life. There is no time to fix it and make it over. Therefore Death — is the best advisor. Before doing something, ask an advice from your Death. Sub-lethal experience study and outside-of-body travel make serious influence on one’s inner life and help one to develop spiritually.

We use eastern health-improving methods and aikido principles against osteochondrosis, psychosomatic diseases, other problems concerned with healthiness.

Self-improvement is difficult and unique for every person. It’s necessary to establish connections with aikidokas of our and foreign countries’ clubs to communicate with associates and make life on Earth better. Our connections with military health centres, where festivals, seminars, meetings could be held, would help us in this aim.

Aikido path is a path of searching one’s place in this World, it’s hard and long. Success depends on intensive efforts, purposefulness and patience.

The Going masters the path. Good luck!
President of the Student Federation of Aikido
Ph. D. of medicine E.G. Shimanovich.